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send me more carrds and linktrees as you find them to make a large info central and share this link wherever you can! dm me on instagram @_shriyap_ or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to suggest resources or features!

disclaimer: I did not create nor do I update any of the resources featured on here except for the "text resistbot," "all general blm resources" and "download and take action" resources below!

happy changemaking :)

compose and send letters to elected officials from your iphone or android! read more about what you can send here!

a compilation of apps, web extensions, and websites that can help you take immediate action for FREE!

a compilation of university specific petitions about and pertaining to greek life, assault and title ix

human rights

religious rights

resources by nation

they need our help!

visit the radical database for petitions and websites to support 100+ other individuals! if they are listed on radical database, they are NOT individually listed in this section below. check it out!

sexual assault resources

voting resources

check your mental health

environmental justice

academic education resources

covid resources

let me know what other links/resources to include

please do not fill this form out if you do not include a link for me to start my research at! general suggestions are great - but its only me running this site, so it's hard to look for resources when I only have a topic to go off of. help me out and submit a link! PLEASE do not submit donation links here! if they are included on a linktree or carrd that is fine, but I will not be posting resources that are strictly donation links. the goal of this site is that every button can be used by everyone, and I will not be making people feel guilty they cannot create change monetarily. thank you guys so much for your support!

disclaimer 2: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EDUCATING YOU! the resources shared have educational and take action features on each - however, please do NOT reach out to me to ask me about specific issues, because the best education of an issue you can give to yourself is research - and this is a fantastic place to start!

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